Thinking of unlocking your iPhone but are unsure? There are many advantages of unlocked iPhone. Unlocked iPhones present a plethora of customization and money saving options. Unlocking your phone is simply the way to go if you want to make the most of your iPhone. You can click here on the various ways you can unlock your icloud account.

In this post, I’m going to share the top advantages of using an unlocked iPhone.


Use multiple carriers

two brown iphonesThe most obvious advantage of unlocked iPhone is that you can easily switch between networks without hassle. An unlocked iPhone – also called a sim free iPhone – allows you to plug in any sim card and use right away without the need for an access code. With this, you can choose any carrier of your choice based on what benefits you stand to get.

Easily purge bloatware

Phones tied to a particular carrier were particularly notorious for bloatware, which is carrier installed software that specifically serves that network’s purpose. With an unlocked iPhone, however, you can easily uninstall all bloatware and make your iPhone run faster and smoother, thanks to the extra space created by uninstalling bloatware.

Customize your phone to your needs

An unlocked iPhone allows you to use only those apps and services that you like or serve your interests. Needless to say, you get a more customized and personalized experience out of your iPhone.

Manage your roaming bills

The true money saving benefits of unlocking your iPhone become manifest when you travel. Rather than activating roaming with your home carrier, you can simply purchase a local prepaid sim card and plug it into your phone. This way you can avoid outrageous roaming bills and keep your spending in check while traveling.

Increase your phone’s resale value

It is common knowledge that unlocked iPhones are the most sought after on the resale market and, therefore, tend to fetch higher prices. If you plan to resell your iPhone on an international marketplace, you might want to get it unlocked before listing it. And if you take good care of your iPhone, then you can easily recoup a big percentage of the initial investment you made to acquire it.

Wrapping up

phone on the table and flower vase with flowerThere is no doubt that an unlocking your iPhone is a smart choice in this day and age. You can easily switch between networks, keep your phone bills low while you travel, create a personalized experience, increase your phone’s resale value, and easily eliminate bloatware. There are more advantages of unlocked iPhone, but these are enough to motivate you to unlock yours.

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