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The Pros And Cons Of Online Games

Online games have become popular all over the world. They have become part of the daily fun for young people mostly aged between fifteen and twenty-two years. Most of the games are readily available at any time of the day by anybody as long as they get to download or access the site to play the game. The games have brought about effects in the society from the players to the owners of the games both negative and positive.

The following are the Pros and Cons of these online games:

The Pros

They Are Sources Of Living.

Those software developers who come up with these games get rewarded for their gbsdbsdbcreativity. Some get absorbed to well-paying companies such as Microsoft and sharpen their skills while earning a living. Also, some online games are charged to play. This is the money that the owners of the games use for survival hence being a benefit for creating such games.

They Give Room For A Large Social Network.

Most of the games nowadays give room for people to create a social circle where they interact with people from all over the globe. This is a good platform where people can interact and share their experiences while playing as well as create social networks.

Input-Specific Skills To Players.

Different games have different challenges especially moving from one stage to another. They require certain skills that the player gains with time as they create time for more play. Some games require creativity, others critical thinking while others literal thinking. All these are obtained while being subjected to various challenges of the games.

The Cons

It Consumes A Lot Of Time.

bgfxdbfMany young people have been addicted to playing online games and forgotten about creating to read. Playing these games consume most of their time and end up doing very little when it comes to their education life and even in other responsibilities at home.

Piracy Of The Games.

Some games like the Battlefield 3 have been a victim of piracy where accounts of players have been hacked. This threatens the security of their personal information and even funds earned from playing the games.

Threatens The Social Life Of The Players.

Since much time is spend playing these games, the players find little time out of playing to socialize with people physically. This is because an individual may feel much satisfied interacting with other players and forget about those around them. This leads to poor social skills and interaction with other people around them.

In conclusion, online games have both advantages and disadvantages. Hence, control should highly be embraced by the players while the game owners should pay much attention to the security of the player’s information while ensuring quality services as well.

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